Poweraire is a power generating and cooling system that provides you with uninterrupted electricity & cooling air (A/C). This system can serve Cooperate Offices, Home, Housing Estate, Churches, Banks, Event centres, Eateries, Industries etc.


• Provides power, heat and cooling

• Designed for hot/humid and cold/dry climates

• Prime source of power

• Interconnects to electric grid for backup power and to sell excess power

• Controls all power sources including grid, solar or wind

• Available in natural gas, propane, gasoline and diesel

• Lowers HVAC cost by driving the process with its own onboard compressor

• Surge, spike and electric noise protection for appliances and electronic equipment

• (Uninterruptable Power Supply) UPS fail safe power availability

• Reduces carbon footprint

• M-TriGen can reduce consumers aggregate energy cost between 20-70%

• The result is lower energy bills compare with energy grid.