Other Services Provided

Procurement: the need for replacement of parts is a necessity at some point in the history of equipment. We thus plan out to source for genuine and cost effective parts for equipment or systems, this allows the client with the minimum inventory levels and space. Provided the programme and system are well monitored with the behavioral changes known.

System Capacity: Total integrated system capability includes; Materials Handling and Control in view to ensuring the smooth operation of the system and maximize utilization and output. The ability to monitor and establish the equipment’s key performance indicators and ways of Improvement.

In-house Design and Production: your design needs according to your available resource can be optimized by good judgment and engineering analysis and applications. We recognize this need which could come up a constrain and sometimes inevitable and will require expertise to maximize utilization of the available resource thereby minimizing cost. Again our team of experienced engineers and expert partners will work to ensure that your need is met.

Pro-active Maintenance Programme: We study the client’s systems, equipment, production lines etc in line with the manufacturer specification and recommendations to outline the best maintenance programme for the system or equipment, also establishing the equipment process control plan and procedures where necessary. The fire brigade approach to maintenance is avoided and downtime due to breakdown is eliminated.