On Site Services

On Site Fault Investigation: In the event of failure from a unit or equipment, we can provide the service of fault investigation and findings. Generating the root cause from the analysis of the problem and provide the recommended practice to avoid future occurrence. Our team of professionals are available to put the teams combined (technical and experience) to work on finding solution to ambiguous and vague problems.

On site Fluid Sampling: we undertake monitoring of the condition of all your equipment oil/lubricant (hydraulic tanks /gearboxes etc), for your record, maintenance planning and budgeting need also to avoid unnecessary breakdown .analysis of the oil and the result of the oil.

Flushing Service/ Pigging Services: the commissioning stages of your projects at installation or after a major overhaul or maintenance will require our service in this regard. We offer you the best practice towards achieving this need, for optimum and guaranteed performance on your fluid /gas carrying lines. Our background on hydraulics puts us in a better state to provide this Need.

Hydraulics and Power Fluid: hydraulics is our specialty, we provide you with all that takes to run an efficient and cost effective power units and systems. We provide training to desired customers and clients for improved performance. Our services in this regard include training, repairs/maintenance of the hydraulic accessories, valves; pressure controls cylinders, accumulators, on site system monitoring and maintenance planning/process control Plan (PCP) production and applications.

Contamination Controls: 80% of the problems from systems (hydraulics /mechanical), generate due to contaminations in the system. We ensure proper practice to minimize contamination, also monitor the oil characteristics with usage and the changing environment, which eventually provides for bacterial growth and degradation of the oil. We provide you with the best option for maximum equipment utilization, minimum cost on equipment running from reduced replacement of the parts from failure due to contamination.