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Technical Training

We provide training to clients in a wide range of courses that apply to the services we provide. This has built confidence on the part of our clients, making sure the tailored or customized training, addresses the need and the clients concern. This also guarantees the quality of staff engaged by BEJAFTA to our client's facilities.

The training covers all relevant professional requirements for the industry (oil and gas, manufacturing, etc), providing the participant with an outright advantage over contemporaries, with same qualification, year of graduation or even class of degree.
Participant (especially personnel without industry experience) is exposed, hands on to typical industry setting and applications. The tailored knowledge base is specialized, which defies from the normal and general knowledge given during under graduate training, to the vocational category jobs. Trouble shooting no longer is a thing of trial and error but a direct application backed with knowledge and basic principles of operations.
The industry becomes refined with the knowledgeable resource, thereby increasing productivity at the best or minimal cost and best quality of goods and services.